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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Oba Nature and Education Organization serve in the field of nature, education, environmental sustainability, youth work, adult education and culture. Our main idea is using nature based learning and artistic tools as effective tools for teachers, adults, youth in non-formal education context. By following this objective OBA is coordinating International exchange projects, International training courses, and workshops and nature activities. OBA’s specializations are nature based learning, green skills, healthy life style, sustainability, recycling, and artistic tools  (creative drama, theatre, photography, video, animation, creative handcraft, and music). OBA believes the importance of non-formal education, sustainability,  lifelong learning and focus on the following topics: Environmental problems, climate change, rural devolpement,  human rights, social exclusion, poverty, democracy, children rights, children violence, children labor, children in prisons and local social other problems.

OBA is located in Antalya Turkey in a field surrounded by orange trees. We use wooden buildings and outdoor places for our activities.

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