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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Oba Association has established a learning center in Antalya city that is intertwined with nature. In general, priority is given to activities themed on environmental protection, creativity, nature pedagogy, art, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Activities are also carried out on issues such as climate change, environmental awareness, recycling, nature pedagogy, and healthy lifestyle. In addition to local activities, Oba also carries out international activities. It develops innovative projects on subjects such as European citizenship, active citizenship, and active aging. Training courses, strategic partnerships, and volunteering activities are the main areas where the project is carried out.

Our association, which was founded by educators and nature lovers who have been conducting volunteering activities since 2012, has received training on Nature-Based Learning, Forest Pedagogy, and Nature Literacy and participated in several activities. Our association took part in The Roofless Schools project, working alongside international participants and associations from many countries. Within the scope of this project, necessary support was provided for schools to organize outdoor educational activities. The School Everywhere Project is carried out by our association, in which we set up a nomadic-style school constructed by tents for disadvantaged children in the locations they are based, making it even more accessible for them to receive the education they need. Activities were carried out with seasonal workers' children from Anatolia.

In 2015, with our Youth in Action project, which we conducted in cooperation with TV programmer and writer Serdar Kılıç, we held the nature training course with 35 young people from 10 different countries in the camp of Bolu Mudurnu, which belongs to Serdar Kılıç. In this process, we have developed cooperation and long-term partnerships with many associations. 

In our farm, we have animals such as goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and bees, and we organize activities for kids to connect with animals and farming. Moreover, we have organized more than 20 training courses for teachers and youth workers on the following topics: Climate Change Education, Nature-Based Learning, Sustainability, Creativity, Kids Yoga, and Creativity.

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